Digital menu


Unlimited articles, with photos and text. In 3 languages, Albanian, English, Italian.

Why digital menu?

Digital menus are useful for stopping the spread of germs, saving money on printing costs and ensuring your guests always see your most up-to-date offers. 


Professional platform to help all restaurants, hotels, bars, pizzerias.


Jo, vetëm ne fillim, por mbështetje teknike gjatë gjithë kohës së qendrimit në platformën tonë.


The latest technology on the Ting platform to take your business to the next level.


Most frequent questions and answers

A digital menu is an interface that users can use to browse your restaurant's items. This is meant to be accessed by a restaurant on their smartphone or mobile device via QR code. The restaurant menu is usually accessible from a QR code placed on a table.

All you have to do is submit a Word with all your physical menu items. In addition to the Albanian language, also offers the English and Italian languages, which must be translated into Word.

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Opening hours

After 24-48 hours, the staff uploads the digital menu to the system. 10 stickers with a QR code on the link to your menu are also offered for free. Voila! A beautiful interactive digital menu.

Klientet mund të hyjë në menunë tuaj ose duke futur URL-në tuaj të menysë në një shfletues. Ose ata mund të hapin kameren dhe te skanojnë kodin QR, i cili do t’i sjellë në menunë e restorantit tuaj.

Each restaurant has the opportunity to access its panel and make all the necessary changes to the digital menu items.

Be a part of this innovation

Staying one step ahead of competitors. Everything is built by us, all you have to do is send us your custom Logo, 1 or 2 business photos, product list, custom photos of items if you want with your photos, mobile number, Instagram address, business hours , location on google map.