Zgjidhje profesionale për biznesin tuaj

Are you thinking about selling online?

Take the next step and grow your business. With the help of Albdev.al, you can sell any of your products - anywhere, unlimited. The buyer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Buyers are conducting extensive research online before ever speaking to a sales person.

Create your digital menu!

Restaurants all over the world have been forced to change due to Covid-19. One of the biggest changes is the rise of digital QR code menus. Digital menus are useful for stopping the spread of germs, saving money on printing costs and ensuring your guests always see your most up-to-date offers.

Hotel Reservation Management System

A hotel reservation management system is a single source of truth for all of a hotel’s bookings and reservations. The most important feature for a hotel reservation system is that it must be a safe and secure centralized hub where all information related to bookings can be stored and then retrieved on demand when the hotel requires it.

Digital business card! ​

Digital Kartivzita allows you a link to have a profile of the work or services you offer.

Business website

You exist. How often do you find that when you need something, the first thing you do is a quick Google search? You are a professional with a website. Wouldn't you love to have your website on your business card? Of course yes..

Some words..

We have a 10-year experience from which we have gained a lot of knowledge on the construction and management of various systems in support of various enterprises and businesses. We want to make this experience available to you to give your brand more value and potential.

"Well done is better than well said!"